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About Us

Who we are?

We are a small team of engineers passionate about the automotive field and industrial machinery. We have accumulated a lot of experience during our time being employed, working in various engineering fields like product design, industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, production, system automation, and so on. In a mealtime, in our time off, we were restoring old machines, cars, motorcycles and even old electronics. Now we have joined our forces and we are ready to offer the best expertise in product development and also in product revival activities, for those who are in need of our service.

Vintage Car

Our Vision and Mission

How we see the world? And how we see ourselves in?

We see the world as a beautiful but challenging place. The world is developing, our society, the technology changes all the times. Everybody wants to have a comfortable life, and this is the driving force. And one of the things that can help humanity, is to have better products that can help the life, products that can save energy, time, cost and to offer new experiences. That is our vision.

We, people from AFinnov, we think that we can add some value to this developing world, by developing better and more innovative products. Products that can save energy, time, cost, less harmful for the environment, last longer and also to open new dimensions of experience. That is our mission.


Our Story

It's interesting how it started. It's started here in Transylvania, Romania, where all current team members have been born. Every member in our team along the way there were a little nerdy in all the technical stuff around, and when we were kids, we were always repairing something, building something, sometimes breaking something. Later on, some of us, we met during our university studies, then later on in different companies, and we were resonating with each other. Always trying new solutions, try something new, always dreaming and sketching about new products.

Therefore, the idea of having a company where we all can work together came in 2018, and in that year and the next one, we have worked together in some restoration projects. 

Later on in 2019-2023, were a bit difficult times. Some of us were switching to different companies, and also some of us moved to different countries, but the communication still remained, and the dream is still there.

Currently we are working in some of our own ideas, to develop our products. Some of us are still employed by other companies, but investing an important portion of our free time into AFinnov.

We can say, that we are in the beginning of our journey, but we have all the expertise to take big challenges.

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